Email general settings

Email Server Settings

All email accounts we host, regardless of the domain name, will use the following server settings.

For better portability use your own domain name as the mail server i.e.
so, for the a ficticious email address of the incoming and outgoing mail server name would be

Incoming mail server settings

Incoming Server Type Secure Server NameAternative Server NamePort
POP3  No mail. 110
IMAP  No mail. 143
POP3 with SSL  Yes mail.  995
IMAP with SSL Yes mail.  993


Outgoing mail server settings

Outgoing Server TypeSecureServer NameAlternative Server NamePort
SMTP No mail.  587, 8025,
or 2525
SMTP with SSL Yes mail.  465

Outgoing servers require SMTP authentication. Microsoft Outlook users will need to manually enable this feature.

Note: When entering your User Name, please enter your entire email address (e.g.,